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Further volunteers in rescue service

Volunteers constitute an important complement to the rescue services.

First Responders respond quickly to life threatening emergencies and commence treatment prior to the arrival of an ambulance, mainly in rural areas, emergency medical technicians (EMT) provide medical services at major events or in disaster control units. In the event of disasters or mass casualty incidents (MCI) these volunteers help build up treatment units or provide medical care for the sick and injured persons.

Various member associations also maintain rescue dog teams who are searching in the area for missing or stray people or under debris after accidents or in disaster areas.

Volunteers with special knowledge and training are employed in water rescue and provide supervision and rescue services on public waters and open air swimming pools, at events and also during disasters and major disasters (e.g. floods).

In the case of serious traumatic situations after accidents or major incidents voluntary crisis intervention teams are used to provide psychological first aid to relatives but also to rescue staff involved.

Current information on the individual services of the SAM.I. member organizations can be found on the pages of the member associations.