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Žene sa Une (ZSU, Bosnia and Herzegovina)

The Association “Women from Una” was established in 1992, during the war period in Bosnia and Herzegovina and first officially registered on 13 September 1994. Since the beginning of the establishment of the association members were helping the citizens in different kind of needs.

ZSU’s mission is protection and promotion of human rights, advocacy and mobilization of public in order to eliminate prejudice and create equal opportunities for marginalized groups and to provide comprehensive assistance through the Centre for free legal aid and the local volunteer centre within the organization. In past 18 years the association was focused on strengthening the social, economic, democratic, cultural, educational and health interests of marginalized groups of citizens.

In order to achieve these statutory objectives and obligations within the association there are the following departments:

1. Safe House – A shelter for female victims of domestic violence, female victims of sexual abuse and trafficking. With the assistance of an expert team, the safe house provides adequate accommodation and full logistical support in the recovery process of victims of trauma and violence. It is a place of physical and mental recovery where victims, in the safe and friendly environment, can take concrete steps to regain control over their lives.

2. Center for free of charge legal advice. The center was established with the aim to provide assistance to persons who belong to the vulnerable category of the population and as such are not able to realise their rights and interests in the courts in BiH.

3. Local volunteer service – LVS. The pride of many non-governmental organisations and professional associations are the people who voluntarily donate their work to the community and society in which they live. LVS was established on June 14th 2011 and in its database has recruited more than 150 volunteers with more than  2000 hours of volunteer work.

4. Department for Project Implementation. The department for implementation of projects works on the creation and management of projects, doing research, preparation of project proposals for international donors and response to public calls published by institutions in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Žene sa Une (ZSU, Bosnia and Herzegovina)

Executive director: Aida Behrem
Address: Krupska 26, 77 000 Bihać
Bosnia and Herzegovina

Tel/fax: +387 37 220 855

E-mail: zena-una@bih.net.ba
Web site: www.zenesaune.org