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Competence Centre Social Services & Social Affairs

Social_Services_discussion_home_emergency_callThe Competence Centre Social Services and Social Affairs (CC Social) unites the SAM.I. network’s social service providers. The SAM.I. members conduct a wide range of social services, from in- and outpatient care for elderly people over various services for persons with disabilities to a multitude of less typical services such as community development or labour market integration support.

The CC Social is focused on how high-quality social services can continuously and sustainably be offered all across Europe. A key point in this regard is to enable good working conditions and good training opportunities for social services personnel. To this effect, the CC Social has in the past contributed to the European social policy debate via an event for the Conference on the Future of Europe. For discussing and improving training opportunities in social services, the CC Social is working with the Erasmus+ program of the EU to keep a practical exchange going and to do project-based work on innovative education and training approaches. 

The current lead of the Competence Centre is ASB.

For inquiries to the CC Social, please e-mail social@samaritan-international.eu.