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Federatia Samaritenilor Romani (FSR, Romania)

The Romanian Samaritan Federation (FSR) was founded in 2014, at the initiative of the representatives of the five founding members from five major Romanian cities: Ploiesti, Orastie, Brasov, Bucuresti and Tirgu Mures.

The founding members and their representatives were The Association of Support and Charity Romania-President Dr. Cristian Anton VINTILESCU, The Association of Samaritans  from Orastie-President Corinna LADAR,  Association of Samaritans from Brasov-President Dr. Radu MITREA,  The Association of Kindly Fellows-President Nicolae TOMA and The  Association of Samaritans from Romania-General Manager Zsigmond-Károly VARGA.

In the same year the Romanian Samaritan Federation joined SAMARITAN INTERNATIONAL.

In March, 2017, Pater Noster from Ploiesti, Prahova County, became the 6th member of the Romanian Samaritan Federation.

FSR are currently active in various social services (home care, help for the homeless, re-integration of convicts into society, care for people with disabilities, support for children waiting for adoption, etc.), donation campaigns, projects on first aid training, partnerships to work with local authorities in case of disasters (through the intervention of volunteer teams), emergency services, and patient transport. The federation also conducts its services via its own institutions such as our Centre for Elderly People.

The values and objectives of the Romanian Samaritans Federation are: carrying out activities in the social, medical and educational fields; training of various categories of population in the field of First Aid, sanitary information and training, development of health culture; supporting the education and permanent training system; supporting other non-governmental organizations; the logistical and humanitary participation of members in case of natural disasters, both at the request of the authorities and on its own initiative; psychological counseling for mentally ill persons or other serious illnesses as well as for those who have suffered serious accidents with severe repercussions in their lives and their community.

Today, the organisation unites over 1000 volunteers all over Romania, more than 25% of which are nurses or doctors. The majority of our volunteers is young, with more then 50% being less than 25 years old.

The Federation is coordinated by Dr. Cristian Anton Vintilescu as President and the headquarters are in  Ploiesti, Prahova County, about 60 km from Bucharest.

Federatia Samaritenilor Romani (FSR, Romania)

President: Dr. Cristan Anton Vintilescu
Federatia Samaritenilor Romani
Str. Clementei, Nr.43

Tel.: 0244 51 79 65
Fax: 0244 51 11 51

Email: fsr@asbromania.ro