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The Advisory Committee

The advisory committee meets every two years. It accepts the report of the praesidium, approves the budget, elects the members of the praesidium and the auditor, makes decisions on amendments to the statutes and the admission of new members. The advisory committee is composed of the representatives of the ordinary members and the auditor, the representatives of the extraordinary members that are not entitles to vote and the full members that are not legal entities.

The Presidium

The presidium consisting of five members is responsible for administering the facilities and the assets of the organisation, presenting business and financial reports at the meetings of the advisory committee, supporting the members in their work and ensuring a coordination of international measures for aid.

The presidium of SAMARITAN INTERNATIONAL ensures through its regular meetings the continuous exchange of information and experience between the member organisations. The meetings form a common basis for work in order to coordinate projects and allow common actions.

The workshops

There is also active cooperation between the full-time employees and volunteers of the member organisations below the level of the presidium. Projects are worked out in workshops in order to submit these to the steering committee for voting. The exchange on the planned activities of the single organisations helps everyone to work target-oriented.

The working groups

Permanent working groups each headed by one of the member organisations have been set up for the long-term co-operation in common main areas of operation.

The General Secretariat

Headquartered in Cologne and with a representative office in Brussels, the Secretariat coordinates the cooperation of the Samaritan organisations. It provides information about members’ activities and current debates on European level. In addition to developing new cross-border partnerships, the general secretariat represents the interests of SAM.I.’s members towards the European Union.