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Asociace Samàritanú Ceské Republiky (ASCR, Czech Republic)

ASCR The association of the Samaritans of the Czech Republic (ASCR) was newly founded in February 1992 and therefore followed on from the tradition of the Samaritan organisation, which had existed in the Czech Republic since the beginning of the 20s. The association was banned during the 2nd World War.

The first task of the ASCR is the rescue service in Prague-West and Kralupy n. Vltavou and the trans-port of injured and sick persons in Odolov. In Prague-West and Melnik the ASCR is integrated into the state rescue service. The area of tasks also includes water and air rescue. There is a Samaritan school for First Aid training, training of nurses and paramedics in Melnik. The school is affiliated to a youth centre. In addition, the ASCR is founder of the club of active aging “KLAS”, which offers sen-ior citizens educational, cultural and sports activities. The areas of activities of the ASCR additionally include home nursing and disabled work.

The ASCR currently comprises ten local federations. 175 full-time employees and 300 voluntary helpers contribute to the successful work of the association. The ASCR is supported by 550 members.

Asociace Samàritanú Ceské Republiky (ASCR, Czech Republic)

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