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Digitalisation of First Aid Eduction (DIGIFIRSTAID) is an Erasmus+ co-financed best-practice exchange project on how to introduce e-learning or blended learning in an area of training that is, by its very nature, hands-on: First Aid training.

While practical exercise will never be entirely replaceable in first aid training, digital educational elements can still be beneficial to improve the quality of the training and the learning experience for the trainees. Also, exceptional situations prohibiting or severely restricting on-site training, such as the Covid-19 pandemic, have proven that certain fall-back options could be very useful in such contexts.

In DIGIFIRSTAID, project partners active in first aid training get together to exchange their experience so far. Some of the partners have already introduced digital elements into their training systems, others have tried to do so prompted by the pandemic with mixed results. Some project partners have not yet had any specific attempts at digitalizing their first aid education, but see the benefits of doing so, and therefore wish to learn from the others.

More information: https://digifirstaid.samaritan-international.eu/

People around a meeting table listening to a presentation about a digital practice in first aid training.
Project group during a presentation at the second working meeting of the project.