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Foreign Aid

The assistance in larger emergencies, crises and disasters overseas is also a logical continuation of the emergency care activities at home for the member organisations of SAMARITAN INTERNATIONAL eV.

ahi-tasb_ahi2_wg2010_004If the tasks for example to a large extent directly correspond after the occurrence of a natural disaster with those of the rescue service and civil protection the humanitarian aid overseas is however not just limited to direct immediate aid. The subsequent emergency aid attempts to alleviate the most serious implications of the disaster initially within the first 6 weeks. Following on from this are measures of rehabilitation the aim of which is the restoration of the basics of life of the population concerned destroyed by the crisis or disaster.

The member organisations are dependent on donations for financing their relief measures. In many cases it is possible to achieve a further financing on the basis of the donations through the national governments of the main states of the member organisations and through support programmes of the European Union.

In the execution the member organisations of SAMARITAN INTERNATIONAL orientate themselves to the international standards of humanitarian aid.ahi-tasb_ahi_sa2008_002

The task of SAMARITAN INTERNATIONAL e.V. lies in promoting the cooperation of the member organisations, in exchanging information in the field of humanitarian aid overseas, in the training and further training of the workers sent to crisis regions by the member organisations and in the coordination of the individual relief measures of the member organisations in a crisis region.