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Guiding Principles


SAMARITAN INTERNATIONAL (SAM.I.) is a European network of non-profit non-governmental organisations (NGOs) with a location in Brussels. We are politically and religiously unaffiliated and cooperate across borders within our network, on a regional, bilateral and multilateral basis.


We are perceived as a competent partner and consultant in European decision-making procedures and EU-funded project co-operations and represent the relevant political matters of the network in Brussels.

We bring our members together in joint cross-border co-operations and enable activities in the areas of first aid and rescue services, social services, civil protection, youth work, and volunteer management that yield better results when done on the European level.

We fulfil our tasks with democratic participation of many citizens as members, volunteers, and supporters.


We focus our European advocacy work on cross-cutting issues of our fields of activity and, in this context, act as an intermediary between EU institutions, other European networks, and our member organisations.


We identify relevant EU funding programmes and support our members in the application for and implementation of funded projects.


We understand ourselves as a network and as a strong partner for co-operation in matters of policy and expertise. Thereby, we are contributing to the creation of a European civil society. Through continuous expansion of our membership, our activities are backed by a broad socio-political foundation. By exchanging knowledge and experience between our member organisations, we improve together, for the benefit of all partners and the beneficiaries of the services offered by them.


We consider the attractive and efficient contributions of qualified volunteers – hand in hand with employed personnel – a basic prerequisite for effective aid services. We advocate for the creation of appropriate framework conditions for voluntary commitment and support the international exchange of volunteers.