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Our aims

The years to come will also be marked by expanding the already existing structures of SAMARITAN INTERNATIONAL. The organisation has set itself the following aims.

  • The promotion of the idea of European unity in the member organisations
  • The promotion of (young) European not-for-profit organisations not affiliated with any political party or religious denomination, in particular in Central and Eastern Europe through project cooperation and material aid as a contribution to setting-up a European civil society
  • The provision and promotion of high-quality social services of general interest and of related solidary project cooperations and structural aid
  • Expansion and promotion of volunteer work and voluntary services, which meet the needs of people afflicted by social hardship
  • The promotion of the development of common quality standards in the field of volunteer work
  • To increase public awareness and representation of the members’ political interests for a strong impact on the European decision-making processes
  • The promotion of the member organisations in executing joint civil protection and humanitarian aid projects abroad
  • The formation of a European platform of non-government organisations (NGOs), as a contact for European institutions concerning questions of pre-clinical emergency medicine and emergency care
  • Assistance in the development of European standards of pre-clinical emergency medicine and emergency care
  • The promotion of the uniform European multilingual emergency call.
  • The initiation and expansion of alliances with other organisations with comparable values on the European and international level

With these projects SAMARITAN INTERNATIONAL has set itself ambitious aims for the next few years. Together and beyond national borders we can make SAMARITAN INTERNATIONAL an effective European merger of organisations of humanitarian aid. The activities of SAMARITAN INTERNATIONAL will point the way to these aims.