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Competence Centre Civil Protection

visit_vojany_camp_04-23The Competence Centre Civil Protection is the forum for the SAM.I. network’s civil protection and disaster relief experts.

Needs analyses of the CC CivPro have been the starting point for successful projects like I_TEM. The group has also developed an mechanism for the SAM.I. network to coordinate joint or coordinated operations on the basis of neighbourly support, as was first done during the refugee crisis caused by the Russian attack on Ukraine in 2022.

The CC CivPro concerns itself with the role and irreplaceable necessity of qualified volunteering and organised volunteering organisations in civil protection and has several experts on the EU’s civil protection structures such as the UCPM/RescEU in its ranks.

The current lead of the Competence Centre is ANPAS.

For inquiries to the CC CivPro, please e-mail civpro@samaritan-international.eu