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Fédération des Secouristes Français – Croix Blanche (CB, France)

logo-croix-blanche-neu_0The origins of the French Samaritans date back to Paris in the year 1892. A training of the population in First Aid developed at the time already. Through the active participation in the two World Wars the Samaritans suffered the loss of a substantial number of their members. The organisation was newly founded in 1972.

The main area of tasks consists today in the training and further training of the population, the helpers and the trainers as well as in the provision of First Aid posts on the occasion of various major events of a cultural (e.g. concerts) and sports (e.g. rugby, football, track and field athletics, cycling races, 24 h race in Le Mans) kind as well as at trade fairs and Christmas markets and on beaches in the summer. In addition, rescue dog squads are available for operation in several departements.

The head office of the French Samaritan Croix Blanche is in Torcy. All heads as well as the 3,700 active members and the trainers work as volunteers. Merely, three administrative employees are full-time employees. Croix Blanche is represented in more than 70 departements. Here Croix Blanche maintains committees which are subordinate to the 77 local organisations. They are under the patronage of the main organisation with its supervisory board and office.

Fédération des Secouristes Français – Croix Blanche (CB, France)

President: Walter Henry
Secretary General: Hervé Beneuf

Fédération des Secouristes Francais - Croix Blanche
Secrétariat Fédéral
103 rue de Paris
77200 TORCY

Tel.: 01/60 53 65 60
Fax: 01/60 53 65 69

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