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Inicijativa za razvoj i saradnju (IDC, Serbia)

DruckenInicijativa za razvoj i saradnju (Initiative for Development and Cooperation, IDC Serbia) is a non-government organization founded in 2007 with a focus on strengthening human rights and improving the economic situation of refugees and internally displaced persons, as well as other socially disadvantaged groups in the country.

In the past five years, the NGO conducted, in particular, income-generating measures for displaced persons and refugees as well as the domestic population in order to support the integration of persons not included in the employment market. The NGO strives to establish itself more in the sector of social services, in particular in the sectors of child and youth aid, home nursing for the elderly, help for the disabled, support of single mothers, measures to integrate the Roma and strengthening of volunteer work. In the long-term IDC also wishes to establish itself as first-aid provider. The association is also co-founder and owner of the first eco-social operation in Serbia – EkoBaG and project manager of the mobile care service TDI (They Deserve it) and the first Serbian network of NGO’s in the sector of social services www.sens.rs. Eko BaG produces bags from old advertising banners and uses the proceeds for social projects. TDI is dealing with Home care assistance for the eldery.

IDC maintains two head offices in Serbia, one in Belgrade and one in Nis, and coordinates its activities with eight staff members and the support of volunteers.

Inicijativa za razvoj i saradnju (IDC, Serbia)

Miodrag Nedeljkovic

Initiative for Development and Cooperation IDC
Miloja Zakica 15
11 030 Belgrad

Tel. +381 (0) 11 238 15 82
Fax +381 (0) 11 231 06 77

E-Mail: executive@idcserbia.org