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Lietuvos Samarieciu Bendrija (LSB, Lithuania)

LSBThe Lithuanian Samaritan Organisation (LSB) was founded in 1929. The LSB was banned after the Soviet occupation until 1992. The organisation was founded again on 25 January 1992.

The LSB is supported by around 3,100 members and places its focus on the field of social services. The prime aim is to combat poverty, under which above all also children have to suffer. Needy people should be supplied with clothing and food as well as other necessary services. With the help of numerous volunteers the LSB deals with the supervision of the disabled and orphaned children as well as youths who are at risk of alcohol addiction. Children and youths spend their leisure time with painting, playing games, reading and school work and receive a hot meal in day care centres. Older people meet in senior citizens’ centres to exchange for conversation. The LSB operates several soup kitchens and clothing supply centres, distributes food, maintains shoe repair services, hairdresser services and sewing and laundry services for the needy. First Aid courses are carried out in several LSB local federa-tions.

47 full-time employees and more than 2,500 volunteers work in the 14 local federations of the LSB. Each local federation is legally independent with an own executive board. The management of the organisation is the responsibility of the LSB President.

Lietuvos Samarieciu Bendrija (LSB, Lithuania)

President:Mrs Sonata Patkauskaitė

Lietuvos Samarieciu Bendrija (LSB)
Senoji g. 4, Kėdainiai LT-57255

Tel./Fax: Tel.+370-614-54563

Kaunas 44260, Litauen