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Regular events

Samaritan International has two regular large-scale biennial events: The Samaritan Forum, our international conference on current matters in our members’ joint areas of activity, and the Samaritan Contest, our first aid youth competition.

Samaritan Forum

The Samaritan Forum usually takes place in odd years (exception: The Forum 2024 as the first such event after the Covid-19 pandemic). Focused on a central topic (in the past, for example, social services or volunteering), the host, other SAM.I. members and in many instances also third stakeholders present and discuss relevant issues, developments, projects and initiatives in their field.

More information on the Samaritan Forum and past events is available here.

Samaritan Contest

The Samaritan Contest is our youth competition in first aid. It usually takes place in even years and offers about 100 youths from the SAM.I. organisations the opportunity to engage in friendly competition in a number of first aid tasks. It is an occasion for the young volunteers to meet and get to know their European counterparts, exchange ideas and, of course, have a good time together.

More information on the Samaritan Contest and past events is available here.

Other events

For other upcoming events, please see our events section.