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“Złota Klamra” (Golden Clip)

The seventh and last meeting of the project „Volunteering in European non-profit associations“ took place in Zakliczyn in Poland, where the Polish Samaritans have their headquarter. As an example of best practice was selected project “Złota Klamra” (Golden Clip)

“Golden Clip” is a project whose originator was Mr. Ryszard Kuczynski (the first presidents of SFOP), the person who has been working with and for elderly people for many years. The event is an annual meeting which has been taking place since 2004. The main partner of the project is Samaritan Association of John Paul II in Zakliczyn. Initiator of the project set himself a goal of integration between generations. The event truly is like a clip which joins, clips the generations. It also proves that children, teenagers and elderly people have a lot to say to one another. They are joined by a real dialogue. That joined activity between younger and older generations is the basis for the event.

People who take part in the project want and can be together, work and have fun with one another. “The clip” is a great occasion to exchange experiences between the generations and it‘s done by singing , dancing, games and being together. The other aim of this project is creating a positive image of elderly people in society. This is achieved by showing that elderly people can be active, and that they have a vast knowledge, skills and experiences to society. What is more, to show the existing bond between the different generations. Engaging a group of seniors by involvement in preparation, organisation and taking part in the event itself.

The essential activity included in Golden Clip is to prevent social exclusion of elderly people, by organising their spare time in a way that they can take part in local events and creating a positive image of elderly people. The tradition of this event is a competition on subject of old age, which is announced before the event. During each event the organisers announce the winners and hand in a diplomas, trophy/medals and books as rewards. Up till now, there have been literature, poetic, art and photographic competitions. The crucial role in the project perform volunteers. They are involved in all the preparations and organisation of the project Golden Clip. The whole project is mainly people who are ready to work and devote their time.

This is definitely the phenomenon of it! On the day everyone who are willing to devote their hand and time can create something good for others. The barriers are gone when sick and disabled people open themselves to fun, singing and dance. The employees of Home for elderly people in Zakliczyn are involved in organising the event also as volunteers. On the day everybody is present without any exceptions. Carers, housekeepers, nurses, administrators devote their free time for the residents and invited guests. The employees share their responsibilities and they all have a lot to do. Their task is not only to prepare the seniors as well as decorations, medical service and snacks for guests but also to participate actively and work during the event.

Teenagers are involved in the project from the very beginning. Starting from advertising the event, preparing the invitations and posters. They help in setting up decorations, clothes, costumes for artists and hosts. Children and teenagers have assigned tasks for which they are responsible. All the people involved in preparations for Golden Clip are volunteers.