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Samaritan’s Social Market

Through Samaritan Austria‘s Social Markets is sold what’s needed to deal with everyday life – fresh groceries, tinned food, sanitary products and more. The prices of these products are about 2/3 below compared to those of discount shops. The products are donated by retail markets, industry and agriculture.

The lowest price of an article starts at an amount of 10 Euro-Cent. The range of products varies and is based on the offers of the partners mentioned above. The calculated prices cover the employee’s salary. Around 50% of the tasks which are obligate to keep the Social Markets running are on voluntary basis.

Samaritan Austria’s Social Markets are preliminary used by retirees and single mothers. Citizens who have less monthly income than 893,– Euro are able to apply for a Social Market’s ID. Couples must not have an income which exceeds 1.340,- Euro. Each child increases the monthly amount with 270,- Euro. To apply for a Social Market‘s ID, customers will provide their residence registration form, their income statement, their personal ID and a photo. Holders can purchase goods for 30,- Euro per week. Each family member, registered on the ID raises the amount with 5,- Euro per week.

At Samaritan Austria’s Social Markets Customers are not only able to receive their personal needs, because a variety of additional activities are being offered, like meeting points of generations, Easter activities, Valentine’s Day activities, trips for children and seniors or Christmas activities. These activities help customers to get rid of their fear contributing from the services of the Samaritan Austria’s Social Market.

At present, two Social Markets are run by Samaritan Austria. The first Market is located in the northern part of the city of Vienna and had its grand opening on the July 1st, 2009. Since that day more than 4.000 customers have applied for an ID. The second market is located in the western part of the city and is proud to serve 1.000 customers.