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Project “Volunteering in European Non-Profit Organisations”

Seven member associations of SAMARITAN INTERNATIONAL from Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Slovakia, Germany, Austria and Italy came together in a Grundtvig-Learning-Partnership, to exchange about the assignment, support and qualification of volunteers and which instruments and mechanisms can be used.

During the Learning Partnership every association was visited in the frame of study visits. There, projects were presented in which volunteers are engaged and do an important job for the European Civil Society. In each country, one project was identified through a evaluation as a “best-practice”, by the evaluation categories “relevance”, “innovation”, sustainability”, “impact”, “transferability” and “quality”.

Having in mind, that all participating organization have different ressources, backgrounds and traditions, this was one of the intentions to realized how volunteering can be organized and made in several frames: we are all different, but we have common values!”.

The seven “best-practices” are published in on this website as good examples for accompaniment, qualification and recognition if volunteers.

To learn more about those best practices, click here: