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LSB’s social daily care centres

In social daily care centers in Vilnius, Jurbarkas, Kelmė and Kaunas children from disadvantaged families will be cared for after school.

Here they can do homework, get something to eat and educational support/ pedagogical supervised. In addition to social daily care centers professional employees, e.g. pedagogues and music therapists, the LSB also engage many volunteer workers, which play with the children, encourage them for sporting activities and enable meaningful leisure time activities in the protected environment of the social daily care center.

Training in first aid is one of the facilities current standards to introduce young people to volunteer, civic engagement. The basic target of the Social Daily Care Centres is to offer social, moral and psychological help for children – as well as for their families – to support them in their challenging situation (unemployment, poorness, problems with alcohol in the families). The LSB addresses to the task to detect in particular children and to give them a perspective.

Mainly the project is funded by the European Structural Fund, but also local administrations and international partners support the centres. The project runs till 2013 – a further funding is planned. Volunteers, active in the project, are accompanied professionally and prepared to their tasks. The LSB Republican Association uses several mechanisms of recognition for the volunteers: certifications, small parties and common talks as instruments have been implemented.

As a best-practice this project was identified especially in the categories “relevance” and “sustainability”. The task of offering support measures to children from disadvantages families, has been recognized as very important and necessary for the society.