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LSA’s “Maras” crisis center

The Maras center is a division of the LSA where provisional shelter is provided to about 40 mothers with children and also parentless children ages 2 to 18 years, which have been abused mistreated and also, mothers released from prision.

These mothers and children lack care, love, self-confidence and respect for themselves. At the Maras Center a team of phsycologists, social pedagogs, social rehabilitators, social carers, nurses provide an extensive social work to integrate them into society. The goal is to provide psicological, social and other help to these mother and children to make them feel useful and to restore their pride and love for themselves and their children. As one of the many social services that the Maras center provides we will describe a special therapy which is widely used and with great reuslts.

This therapy consists of hand work done in Workshops. This workshops allow the mothers, together with volunteers, the possiblity to create accessories and beauty elements like brooches, bags, braceltes, hair bands, etc that not only make them look better but more confident.

Also, this is an opportunity for them to share stories with volunteers, ask for advise and get inspiration from others to regain livelihood and desire to live better and care for others. At the same time the volunteers have an opportunity to interact with the mothers and the children. The volunteers have also the chance to learn something new – how to make accessories. This therapy is a group therapy that allows for inspiration creation and peace of mind and brings benefit to all – mothers, children personnel and volunteers