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Dispatch centre of ASSR

The third meeting of the partners within the project „Voluntarism in non-profit organizations“ was held in the mountainous area of the north-east Slovakia – in Stará Ľubovňa. Typical, new, and maybe interesting activities were presented by Slovak samaritan volunteers. Which ones?

Dispatch center which gives job and additional education to six disabled people; Slovak Samaritan Rapid Response Team (SkSRRT) trained in various teams and fields and participating in many projects (recently in EURETS – European Emergency Temporary Shelters and EURAMET – European Aerial Medical Evacuation Team, etc.). As the best practice exampe, especially in area of „Impact“ for volunteers and organization as a whole and „Transferability“, was selected Home emergency call (HEC).

Presentation of HEC service shows two different sides of the system – from one side clients can use it absolutely easily (following the motto: „One press of the button for my safety“). On the other hand it is complex, sophisticated and precisely to details elaborated system consisting of such units like the most modern software, hardware, technical and technological background, staff educated and skilled in courses and trainings, successful know how, and mainly responsible HEC management team.

Home emergency call is managed by volunteers who has been building the system since its beginning. With the international support mainly of two partner samaritan organizations – ASB Germany and ASB Austria, the Slovak samaritan were able to develop basis for new social service which can be provided in the whole Slovakia. Everybody knows that basis is important, but it is not all. Our job has not been finished yet. We are facing with many challenges every day and trying hard to make our Home emergency call part of the social system in Slovakia.