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Youths from nine SAM.I. organisations compete at Samaritan Contest 2018

Posted on by Paul Wardenga

Almost 200 people came together in Flensburg from 24-27 August 2018 for the 7th Samaritan Contest. 18 teams of young people from eight countries demonstrated their skills in first aid and got to know their counterparts from all over Europe. Read more

Preparations for SAMARITAN Contest 2018

Posted on by Paul Wardenga

The pre-registration phase for the SAMARITAN Contest 2018 has officially begun. This year, the Contest will take place in Denmark and Germany, in the border region between the cities of Flensburg and Sønderborg. Read more

Milestone anniversaries for several SAM.I. member organisations

Posted on by Paul Wardenga

SAM.I. congratulates two member organisations on their 25th anniversary (LSA and LSB) and one member organisation for their 10th anniversary (IDC). Read more

In Memoriam Swetlana Lewkowska (SSU)

Posted on by Paul Wardenga

The founder of the Ukrainian Samaritan Association passed away on 8 October 2016 in Kiev. Read more

After the earthquake ANPAS and White Cross are working hand in hand

Posted on by Stephanie Havekost

After an earthquake struck central Italy, SAM.I. members ANPAS and White Cross are helping hand in hand on site. WK has recently sent their field laundry container. Read more

Contest 2016 – 100 youths compete in Slovakia and Poland

Posted on by Paul Wardenga

From 18-21 August 2016, almost 100 young people from ten countries came together to measure their skills in first aid and make new friends. Read more

SAMETS project concludes in Brussels

Posted on by Paul Wardenga

On 26 January, the EU-financed SAMETS project held its final conference in Brussels. They presented their guidelines on working with groups with special needs in emergency shelters. Read more

ADAPT: Samaritans continue work on better emergency evacuations for vulnerable groups

Posted on by Paul Wardenga

From 18-20 November 2015, the project partners of the ADAPT project met in Saponara, Sicily, to continue the conceptualisation of a data platform to improve the support of vulnerable people in case of emergency evacuations. Read more

Motto year refugee aid 2016: When Numbers Become Faces

Posted on by Paul Wardenga

About 500.000 refugees entered the EU over the Balkan route in 2015. Thousands of employees and hundreds of thousands of volunteers of the Samaritan organisations render aid to refugees along their way across Europe. Read more

Samaritans conduct first aid awareness events all over Europe

Posted on by Paul Wardenga

On 29 September 2015, Samaritan organisations from 10 countries conducted flash mobs to raise awareness for the importance of first aid training among young people. Read more

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