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PHF joins Samaritan International

Posted on | PHF joins Samaritan International

On 18 December, SAM.I. welcomed Pompiers Humanitaires Français (PHF) as its 21st member organisation. PHF has become the second French member in the network next to the Fédération des Secouristes Français Croix Blanche.

“I am very happy to welcome Pompieres Humainataires Français to Samaritan International. They will certainly enrich our network with their high expertise in the field of civil protection, disaster relief and humanitarian aid. Their values of citizen engagement, respect, transmitting and sharing fit perfectly into our network,” said Ivo Bonamico, Secretary General of Samaritan International about the new member.

PHF has been created in 2005 in Saint-Etienne, and has about 130 members as well as partnerships with a diverse range of organisations and stakeholders. Up to today, they have completed more than 200 emergency and development missions, both abroad and in France. The main activities include emergency missions after natural disasters, capacity building related to civil protection systems abroad, missions for the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs, as well as the organization of congresses about civil protection matters.

In total, the SAM.I. network now includes 21 member organisations covering 19 European countries in the EU, the Western Balkans and the Eastern Neighbourhood.