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First assistance team returns from the Balkans, aid continues

Posted on | First assistance team returns from the Balkans, aid continues

Aid goods are being distributed. Photo: ASB Bosnia
As local water supply is restored, ASB Germany’s first assistance teams have returned home after weeks of providing drinking water to the people in the city of Šamac, Bosnia. Aid and rebuilding efforts of the Samaritan organisations continue.

Two WK volunteers on their way to Bosnia. Photo: WK

The Samaritan organisations’ aid efforts in the flood-stricken areas of the Balkans continue. Aid goods are still being distributed and re-building efforts are underway. ASB Germany and its local country office are supported by the German Foreign Ministry’s aid fund. ASB Austria continues to be active on the ground in Serbia with the distribution of aid goods. Volunteers from WK from South Tyrol are also transporting aid goods to the affected regions. All of them cooperate closely with the local SAM.I. members IDC and Žene sa Une, who have also already started implementing their rebuilding strategy.

In the days right after the flood, many communities had no working water supply. That’s why ASB Germany sent their FAST (First Assistance Samaritan Team) to the city of Šamac, Bosnia and Herzegovina. They brought a water processing plant with which the volunteers of FAST were able to supply thousands of people with their daily drinking water. Now that the local water supplied has been restored, water processing services are no longer needed and the focus of local Samaritan aid shifts from short-term relief to rebuilding.