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Alfa Centar (AC, Montenegro)

The NGO ALPHA Centre was founded in October 2006. The goals of organizing the organization are to promote and represent the view that all citizens have the right to a peaceful, safe and dignified life regardless of sex, age, racial … Read more

Associazione Nazionale Pubbliche Assistenze (ANPAS, Italy)

The Pubbliche Assistenze, Italian Associations that provided assistance to the general public, began to form in 1860 when volunteers started to show solidarity for those in need and began soon into regional organizations to act all over Italy in the areas of rescue, disaster relief, assistance to disadvantaged and public health. Read more

Arbeiter-Samariter-Bund Deutschland e.V. (ASB, Germany)

In 1888 six carpenters from Berlin asserted the first “training course on First Aid in accidents” against a great deal of resistance. They are the founding fathers of today’s Arbeiter-Samariter-Bund (ASB) and gave substantial momentum to emergency rescue in Germany. Read more

Arbeiter-Samariter-Bund Österreichs (ASBÖ, Austria)

On 8 November 1927 the Arbeiter-Samariterdienst, which was initially a committee of the „Arbeiterbund für Sport und Körperkultur“, was given its own statutes. The name Arbeiter-Samariter-Bund did not appear independently until in 1932. In 1934 the association has to suspend its activities again owing to the National Socialism. The Arbeiter-Samariter-Bund Österreichs (ASBÖ) was officially newly founded in 1947. Read more

Asociace Samàritanú Ceské Republiky (ASCR, Czech Republic)

The association of the Samaritans of the Czech Republic (ASCR) was newly founded in February 1992 and therefore followed on from the tradition of the Samaritan organisation, which had existed in the Czech Republic since the beginning of the 20s. The association was banned during the 2nd World War. Read more

Asociácia Samaritánov Slovenskej Republiky (ASSR, Slovakia)

The Asociácia Samritánov Slovenskej Republiky (Association of the Samaritans of the Slovakian Republic), ASSR, was founded on 12 August 2005 and registered at the Ministry of the Interior of the Slovakian Republic. Read more

Fédération des Secouristes Français – Croix Blanche (CB, France)

The origins of the French Samaritans date back to Paris in the year 1892. A training of the population in First Aid developed at the time already. Through the active participation in the two World Wars the Samaritans suffered the loss of a substantial number of their members. The organisation was newly founded in 1972. Read more

Институт за развој на заедницата (CDI, North Macedonia)

The Community Development Institute (CDI) – Macedonia is a sustainable civil society organization that works on building a democratic and multiethnic society through strengthening the capacities of individuals, organizations, and institutions. For more than 20 years the CDI implements activities … Read more

Dansk Folkehjælp (DKFH, Denmark)

The Danish People’s Aid was founded on 31 July 1907 under the name “Arbejdernes Samariter Forening” (Samaritan organisation of workers). Read more

Federatia Samaritenilor Romani (FSR, Romania)

The Romanian Samaritan Federation (FSR) was founded in 2014, at the initiative of the representatives of the five founding members from five major Romanian cities: Ploiesti, Orastie, Brasov, Bucuresti and Tirgu Mures. The founding members and their representatives were The … Read more