Restart a Heart Day ’17 – SAM.I. organisations promote first aid training

Posted on by Paul Wardenga

flashmob17In the run-up to Restart a Heart Day 2017, Samaritan organisations from eight countries conducted 18 public first aid awareness events and flash mobs all over Europe to raise awareness for the importance of first aid training – particularly among young people.

The series of events took place for the fourth time and, where possible, were not only held on the same day but simultaneously. Together, the SAM.I. member organisations wanted to raise awareness for the fact that everybody can learn some basic and potentially life-saving first aid measures, even children. Events were conducted by ANPAS, ASBÖ, ASSR, FSR, LSA, LSB, SFOP, and USB.

The simultaneous timing of the events in eight countries was chosen to demonstrate that increasing public safety through first aid training is not a national issue, but transcends borders. The SAM.I. organisations already vividly demonstrate this ideal by having their young volunteers take part in our biennial international youth competition in first aid, the Samaritan Contest.

In the SAM.I. working group on first aid, our experts are also taking steps to facilitate recognition of certificates across Europe. A network-internal European First Aid certificate is currently undergoing revision, and the group has also conducted advocacy measures to work towards an official recognition of certificates within the EU.


Picture: ASSR

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