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International First Aid Youth Competition

The SAMARITAN Contest is more than just a competition!

The international first aid youth competition „SAMARITAN Contest“ is carried out every two years, hosted by one of SAM.I.‘s member organizations in cooperation with the SAM.I. general secretariat. During the contest the participating teams have to show their theoretical knowledge and, in the practical part, respond to staged emergency scenarios.

The pilot event in 2006 in Essen, Germany, was so successful that the Contest has been regularly continued since then. While only six member organizations took part in the first contest in Essen (Germany), a total of 16 teams from 9 countries competed against each other at the last Contest.

Registration, content of the competition and evaluation of the different tests are laid down in the internal implementation rules. The rules serve the purpose of directing and informing the organizational team and the participating referees, the SAMARITAN organizations and their participants and youth custodians. The basic rules are adapted for each contest and leave plenty of room for the host associations to introduce themselves and their ideas.

The hosting organization plays the main role in creatively developing first aid/emergency scenarios, as well as games testing concentration, speed and accuracy. Each team has to demonstrate its general knowledge and its first aid skills in written tests. The evaluation of the written and practical tasks is carried out by experienced instructors. Highlights of each contest are the awards ceremony and the big closing party.

Beyond testing, displaying and improving the skills of young first-aiders, the SAMARITAN contest is even more important in facilitating cross-border contacts with and exchanges between the young members of the Samaritan organisations and thus promoting European friendships and cohesion.

Last contest rules: 2022 Contest Bruneck, South Tyrol

Previous editions:







8th Samaritan Contest 2022, Bruneck, South Tyrol


7th Samaritan Contest 2018, Flensburg (Germany) and Sonderborg (Denmark)


6th Samaritan Contest 2016, Krakow (Poland) and Stara Ľubovna (Slovakia)


5th Samaritan Contest 2014, Adria and Venice (Italy)


4th Samaritan Contest 2012, Riga (Latvia)