LSA and Flood project win awards

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On August 24, in the context of the Samaritan Forum 2017 in Riga, the SAMARITAN’s B.E.S.T. awards for international and local projects of the SAM.I. members were handed over.


Representatives of the winning international project “Cross-Border Samaritan Flood Preparedness”

The local award went to LSA, for their project „Old age does not equal loneliness“. This continuing initiative of the Latvian Samaritans focuses on organising events, excursions and other activities for elderly people.


SAM.I. president Fleckenstein hands over the local award

The international award was won by the project Cross-Border Samaritan Flood Preparedness. The project, which developed a low-threshold mechanism for neighbourly support in disasters, the largest joint disaster relief project to date, with eight participating Samaritan organisations: ANPAS, ASB, ASBÖ, ASCR, ASSR, SFOP, USB and WK. More information is available on the project website.


Handover of the second…

The second place of the international award went to ADAPT, an EU-co-financed project that worked on solutions to improve emergency evacuations for vulnerable people. ADAPT was conducted by SAM.I. members ANPAS, ASB, DPA and WK, together with the University of Rome Tor Vergata. The third place went to Zadruga, a project between ASBÖ and IDC. Zadruga developed solutions to help rural regions in Serbia recover economically after the most recent flood disaster.


…and third prize of the international award.

SAMARITAN’s B.E.S.T. is SAM.I.‘s awards to show appreciation to the best international and local projects from our network. The SAM.I. presidium and advisory committee decide on the winners among the nominated projects. The best local project and the three best international projects are honoured every two years, customarily in the context of the Samaritan Forum.

Check out our YouTube Channel for more impressions form this year’s winning projects.



Photos: Martins Zilgalvis

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