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#samifirstaid – First Aid Awareness events in 6 countries

Posted on | #samifirstaid – First Aid Awareness events in 6 countries

fm19_1Six Samaritan organisations from all over Europe conducted coordinated first aid awareness events and flash mobs on 26 September 2019.

In the run-up to Restart a Heart Day, SAM.I. member organisations conducted 32 public awareness events in 6 countries to promote the message that everybody can easily learn important and potentially live-saving first aid measures. First aid should be taught from an early school age onwards, as even children can do their part to help in emergency situations. Holding the event at the same time in multiple countries symbolises that civic commitment and willingness to help should not know borders.

fm19_3The style and exact activities of the event varied, reflecting the diversity within our network, and ranged from classic flash-mob-style public appearances to special first aid activities for children with a wider timeframe. Participating organisations cooperated with schools and their own young volunteers.

The participating SAM.I. organisations were ANPAS, ASSR, FSR, LSA, LSB and SFOP.

fm19_2The regular event started in 2014 under the motto “Heroes without superpowers” and took place for the fifth time this year. Most participating organisations conduct one event in their country, others include many of their local branches to hold multiple events at once. Italian SAM.I. member ANPAS organised close to 30 public flash mobs this year.