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Samaritans conduct first aid awareness events all over Europe

Posted on | Samaritans conduct first aid awareness events all over Europe

On 29 September 2015, Samaritan organisations from 10 countries conducted coordinated public events and flash mobs to raise awareness for the importance of first aid training among young people.

Balloons are let go in Berlin, Kaunas and Targu Mures (clockwise, starting from the left)
Children are introduced to first aid during the event in Bihac, Bosnia

For the second time, Samaritans all over Europe took to the streets to show the public that everyone can learn a few simple, yet potentially live-saving, first aid measures. The Samaritans cooperated with schools and their own youth organisations to convey they message to children and adolescents. Events took place in Wr. Neustadt (Austria), Bihać (Bosnia), Berlin (Germany), Budapest (Ungarn), Riga (Latvia), Kaunas (Lithuania), Tarnów (Poland) and Svidník (Slovakia). In Italy and Romania, several associations of the Samaritans conducted events – in Castelnuovo di Porto, Genova, St. Martin/Passeier, Porcari and Rho (Italy) and in Orastie, Ploiesti, and Târgu-Mureș (Romania).

A young Samaritan being interviewed by the media during the event at Budapest Airport.

Once again, the Samaritans showed a wide variety in the way they conducted the events. Some associations followed a classic flash mob approach: They arrived in a public place and played out a quick scenario involving first aid or advertising the acquirement of first aid skills. The exact scenario they chose to demonstrate varied from CPR to recovery position and from the use of training mannequins over acting “injured people” to the resuscitation of stuffed animals. Some partners focused on directly engaging passer-bys with instructions for basic measures and information materials on where to participate in a full course.

Where local technical prerequisites would allow, the events were joined using an online video call at the height of the events. The Samaritans were able to greet their counterparts all over Europe and show each other the events in progress.

Balloons fly in Tarnow, Poland

The flash mobs 2015 achieved a great public response, with several events being featured on local or national TV. The SAM.I. members hope to continue this successful series of events in the coming years.