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Samaritan Contest 2020 cancelled

Posted on | Samaritan Contest 2020 cancelled

Due to continuing uncertainty regarding the developments in the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic and travel restrictions that come with it, the Samaritan Contest 2020 has been cancelled. The next Contest will take place in 2022.

After deliberations with the SAM.I. presidium, the General Secretariat has, together with the hosting organisation White Cross, decided that the Samaritan Contest 2020 unfortunately has to be cancelled.

This decision is based on the fact that the safety of the young participants and guests is of course our highest priority. As the Covid-19 pandemic presents itself now, it is not possible and will not be possible by August to hold a large event that, by its very nature as a first aid competition, demands close contact between a large number of people.

Since the timeframe of the Contest is tied to the summer holidays, to minimise the number of countries where the participants might miss a day of school because of it, a postponement to later this year is equally unrealistic, even if free travel within Europe should be re-established at that time.

Since in the summer of next year we will be conducting the Samaritan Forum 2021, we also do not want to strain the member organisations’ schedules with two large SAM.I. events within a few weeks of each other.

This is why the next Samaritan Contest will take place in 2022. The White Cross remains the designated host, which is why the location remains South Tyrol.

More information on the Contest 2022 will be made available in due time.