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SAM.I. Member organizations’ activities in the Philippines

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philippinen_0Typhoon Haiyan has caused massive destruction in the Philippines. Whole villages and towns were destroyed. 11.3 million people are affected according to the United Nations. About 670,000 people are homeless on the islands of the Visayas.

Some of the SAM.I. member organizations have already deployed emergency teams to the disaster area and coordinate their activities on site.

ASBÖ Austria

On 14 November, ASBÖ Austria sent an assessment team under the direction of Manfred Führer left Austria to initiate relief efforts in the Philippines in the region of Cebu.

The disaster response team of the ASBÖ is specialized in sustainable relief efforts such as the construction of wells and sanitation facilities, as well as drinking water treatment.

ASBÖ increased its foreign aid to the Philippines by the end of this week by sending Medic teams to the disaster area Bogo City.

Information ASBÖ

ASSR Slovakia

Also part of the ASBÖ group is Renata Penazzi, director of the SAM.I. partner organization ASSR in Slovakia, who examines possible relief measures, especially medical care in collaboration with medical teams working there.

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Dansk Folkehjaelp provides emergency shelters for some of the millions of citizens affected who have lost their homes. A donation account has also been set up.

DPA Activities in the Philippines

ASB Germany

On Friday, 22 November 2013, ASB Germany a FAST (First Samaritan Assistance Team) team composed of ten helpers was sent to the island of Leyte. In the city of Palo, about 10 kilometres south of Tacloban, the team, led by Axel Schmidt (37) of ASB Germany,  provides basic medical aid to the population. The ASB helpers are equipped with an “Emergency Health Kit ” for the medical care of 30,000 people. The measures include among other things wound treatment and the treatment of infectious diseases.

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All SAM.I. partner organizations call for donations.

Continious information is available on this website and the websites of the relevant partner organizations.