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EC First Aid Meeting

The 2nd working meeting of the EC First Aid in 2014 will take place in Denmark. Read more


SAM.I. Advisory Committee Meeting in Berlin

The next ordinary meeting of the SAM.I. advisory committee is taking place on the day prior to the SAM.I.-Forum in the ASB representative office in Berlin. 14 SAM.I. member organizations and the 3 candidate members Malta, Serbia and Bosnia will attend the meeting. Read more


7th Int. SAMARITAN Forum „AVEC“ – Active Volunteering for a European Civil Society”

This year’s Forum is taking place on 22nd August, 2013, on the day prior to the 125th anniversary celebrations of the ASB at the new ASB representative office in Berlin. Read more

10/03 - 04/2013

CEV Policy Conference “Cross-Border Volunteering in The European Year of Citizens”

This European Conference is held in Sarajevo, Bosnia Herzegowina, from 3rd to 4th October, 2013 and will be hosted by CEV (European Volunteer Centre) in cooperation with SEEYN (South East European Youth Network). Read more

10/25 - 26/2013

ASB Building the Future Congress in Munich

At the end of the ASB anniversary year 2013 “Building the future Conference“ is taking place in Munic. It is open to both ASB staff workers and volunteers and also to German speaking representatives of the SAM.I. member organizations. Read more

10/30 - 31/2013

Working group Social Alarm

On 30 and 31 October 2013, the next meeting of the working group Social Alarm is taking place in the ASB head office in Cologne. ASBÖ, LSA and White Cross have long been member. Other SAM.I. member associations are also cordially invited. Read more


SAM.I. Social Economy meeting in Copenhagen

In preparation for SOLIDAR’s Vienna conference in December, SAM.I. members will meet in Copenhagen. Read more


SAM.I. Presidium Meeting in Vienna, Austria

The next regular SAM.I. presidium meeting will be hosted by ASB Austria in Vienna. Read more

12/02 - 03/2013

Preparatory Meeting on the SAM.I. Flood Project

This project will be carried out in the period from 1.01.2014 to 1.01.2016. The project participants meet in Cologne to discuss all important aspects of the project. Read more

12/16 - 17/2013

SOLIDAR Conference in Vienna

„Together for a strong social economy in Europe” is the title of an international conference organized by SOLIDAR partner Volkshilfe Österreich in Vienna. Read more

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