20th member organisation: Alfa Centar from Montenegro joins SAM.I.

Posted on by Paul Wardenga

On 15 August 2019, the presidium of Samaritan International voted to accept the membership application of Alfa Centar, an NGO based in Niksic, Montenegro.

Alfa Centar’s (AC) Executive Director, Milos Perovic, presented the organisation to the group of international Samaritan representatives and introduced them to the current main pillars of AC’s activities: Their youth and volunteer program, their work toward Montenegro’s accession to EU and NATO (including civil-military relations), traffic safety and local community programs. In the future, they are also focusing the area of first aid.

AC is already successfully working together with other SAM.I. organisations in the EU Aid Volunteers project EMPACT.

The presidium unanimously approved Alfa Centar’s application for membership, making them the 20th member organisation of Samaritan International.

More information on the organisation will be available soon on its member page.

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