Multi-annual financial framework: Consultations on the future of EU funds

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European Commission_CC_BY_NC_Stuart Chalmers-flickr_user_gertchaEvery 7 years, the EU adopts a new multi-annual budget, which also includes the available funds for a variety of funding programmes and, at the same time, funding focuses. There are currently multiple open consultations by the European Commission on the multi-annual financial framework 2021-2027 – participation is open to any stakeholder.

Due to Brexit most likely coming into effect in March 2019, the EU will lose a major financial contributor. Therefore, the next 7-year budget oft he Union will have to include cuts. The budget Commissioner Günther Oettinger has declared that the programmes Erasmus+ and the successor to Horizon2020 will not experience significant cuts. But essentially all other funding programmes are likely subject to a reduced budget, including the cohesion funds, including the ESF, and various smaller programmes such as funding for civil protection.

To better be able to assess the financial needs and future priorities, the European Commission has started a consultation on their funds and programmes in all major areas. Replies with remarks, positions and priorities can be handed in until 8 March.

Consultations possibly of interest for SAM.I. members

Public consultation on EU funds in the area of cohesion

Policy areas

Regional policy, Employment and social affairs, Social inclusion, Vocational education and training, Research and innovation, Business and industry, Energy, Justice and fundamental rights, Migration and asylum, Transport, Rural development, Digital economy and society, Climate action, Maritime affairs and fisheries, Structural reforms, Youth

Public consultation on EU funds in the area of values and mobility

Policy areas

Consumers, Culture and media, Digital economy and society, Education and training, Employment and social affairs, EU enlargement, European neighbourhood policy, Humanitarian aid, International cooperation and development, Justice and fundamental rights, Migration and asylum, Regional policy, Research and innovation, Economics of sports

Public consultation on EU funds in the area of migration

Policy areas

Migration and asylum, Education and training, Youth, Employment and social affairs, Regional policy, European neighbourhood policy, Humanitarian aid and civil protection, Climate action

Public consultation on EU funds in the area of security

Policy areas

Borders and security, Fraud prevention, Humanitarian aid and civil protection, Business and industry, Digital economy and society, Economy, finance and the euro, Energy, Research and innovation, Transport

Photo: “European Commission”, CC-BY-NC Stuart Chalmers / flickr user gertcha

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