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Cooperation with SOLIDAR

SAMARITAN INTERNATIONAL is a member of SOLIDAR, a European network of NGOs, which is active in advancing social justice in Europe and around the world.

solidar_logoThe cooperation with SOLIDAR allows us, to better represent the interests of our members on the European level and to stay in the loop about relevant issues being debated in Brussels.

The collaboration between SAM.I. and SOLIDAR in Brussels will be extended in the future. The foundation for this was laid by a new cooperation agreement between both international networks signed by their presidents Knut Fleckenstein (SAM.I.) and Josef Weidenholzer (SOLIDAR) on 10th April in SOLIDAR’s offices.

Special emphasis will be put on the joint advocacy on issues of social economy.

Thus, previous and current succesful initiatives for instance in the areas of volunteering and innovative social services are being continued.

During the European Year of Volunteering 2011 SAM.I. contributed to the Policy Agenda on Volunteering in Europe (P.A.V.E.) which was handed over to the Commision at the end of the year in Warsaw.

Currently SOLIDAR is working with their members on a Social Platform for Innovative Social Services – INNOSERV. That is the title of an FP7 research project, that was initiated by the University of Heidelberg together with a number of partners from civil society.

Current news about the cooperation of SAM.I. and SOLIDAR can be found in our EU-News.