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Home care training including German language course for migrants in the province of Burgenland/Austria

The project is a home care training programme in Burgenland migrants which supports at the same time language skills. The project is carried out between 11.02.2013 and 15.11.2013 in cooperation with the BFI Burgenland (vocational training institute) at two different locations with 15 participants each. The project was announced by migrant’s and women’s information centres in the province of Burgenland and the AMS (Austrian job centre). The project is funded by a contribution of the government of the Burgenland.

The home care training (in and out patient theoretical and practical training) is intended to qualify the graduates to enter into a profession with a high demand and the same time to foster their integration. The professional training course was preceded by a language course to support the German language skills of the participants ensuring the successful completion of the professional course and reducing language barriers.

Project goal

The project is designed to promote the active participation of migrants through professional qualification and employment, intercultural dialogue and the social capital of migrants. In the long-term it aims to foster the active participation of migrant women in working life.

With its focus on language and professional qualification the project provides a high degree of sustainability. The migrants will be able to directly use their professional know-how and language skills they obtained during the courses in everyday work situations. In Austria migrant women participate in working life to a lesser extent than Austrian women. To counter this development is a further important aspect of the project.

Project coordination: Elia Meier

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