SAM.I. General Secretariat opens Brussels office

Posted on by Paul Wardenga

Last Wednesday, SAMARITAN INTERNATIONAL (SAM.I.) officially opened its office in Rue de Pascale 4 in Brussels.

The opening was attended by Secretary General Ivo Bonamico and numerous guests from the network’s member organisations. Before the opening, they had taken part in a meeting of the advisory committee. „With our new office close to the European Parliament we intend to strengthen our political work“, Ivo Bonamico explained.

Group picture opening Brussels

Photo: A.Königstein/ASB

SAM.I. understands itself as a mediator between European institutions and the member organisations. Previously addressed European political matters concerned for example refugee policy, social services or the development and implementation of European standards in emergency care and first aid.


(left to right) SAM.I. Secretary General Ivo Bonamico, EP President Martin Schulz and SAM.I. President Knut Fleckenstein at the publication event of the recommendation paper. (Photo: European Parliament)

Shortly after the opening of the office, the delegation joined SAM.I. President Knut Fleckenstein in the European Parliament to meet Martin Schulz, President of the European Parliament. Together, they handed him the recommendation paper “Single European First Aid”. The paper, authored by the EC First Aid, asks for political support in advancing the cross-border recognition of first aid certificates in the EU and recommends approaches to address this matter.

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