Guiding Principles

SAMARITAN INTERNATIONAL is a European federation of non-profit and non-governmental organizations independent from political parties and churches, working in the area of first aid in cases of emergencies and diseases with democratic participation of a large number of citizens as members, volunteers and supporters and dedicated to the history of the Samaritan movement.


SAMARITAN INTERNATIONAL considers itself a mediator between European institutions and its member associations in matters relating to the development and implementation of European standards for emergency medical care, volunteer work and humanitarian aid abroad.

SAMARITAN INTERNATIONAL understands itself as defender of social rights for disadvantaged and outsiders and applies itself to socio-political and socio-economic framework conditions, which ensure citizens’ involvement and self-help, as well as help to overcome social hardships.

SAMARITAN INTERNATIONAL fosters mutual understanding among all European aid systems through publications, expert meetings, conferences and exchange programs among the member associations.

Social Services

SAMARITAN INTERNATIONAL applies itself to the maintenance and further development of high-quality social services in the sector of assistance for the aged, child and youth work as well as care and support for people with disabilities and strengthens the solidarity project cooperation.

SAMARITAN INTERNATIONAL contributes to the development of a European civil society by fostering the growth of politically neutral, non-sectarian, non-governmental organizations in Central and Eastern Europe.

Civil Protection

SAMARITAN INTERNATIONAL is committed to expanding a network of European aid systems ranging from emergency first-aid services to emergency aid in response to disasters on the basis of common minimum standards at the local, regional, national and European level, while allowing for flexibility at the regional level and involving the participation of non-governmental organizations.

SAMARITAN INTERNATIONAL regards first-aid training, emergency rescue and transport services for the ill as inseparable components of a networked aid system which cannot be viewed from the standpoint of competitive aspects alone if the efficiency of the system as a whole is to be improved.

SAMARITAN INTERNATIONAL sees first-aid training for the general public as a basic prerequisite for self-help in everyday and extraordinary emergency situations.

SAMARITAN INTERNATIONAL promotes mutual projects devoted to humanitarian aid abroad and the coordination of SAINT projects in the crisis areas.

Volunteer commitment

SAMARITAN INTERNATIONAL is committed to the involvement of non-governmental organizations formed through local and regional popular initiative in emergency rescue operations and transport services for the ill as a prerequisite for attractive, efficient, self-determined participation of volunteers in the field of disaster aid.

SAMARITAN INTERNATIONAL sees the involvement of volunteers as a basic prerequisite for a functioning aid system, promotes the establishment of appropriate framework conditions for the voluntary work and supports the international exchange of volunteers.

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