Social Platform for Innovative Social Services

“INNOSERV – Social Platform for Innovative Social Services” – that is the title of an FP7 research project, that was initiated by the University of Heidelberg together with a number of partners from civil society.

One of the project partners is the European network SOLIDAR, of which SAMARITAN INTERNATIONAL is a member. The project aims to “build a social platform, which brings together the main stakeholders from research, practice and politics in the area of offering social services.” Current trends in the relevant fields as well as gaps in existing knowledge shall be identified, so they can then be systematically worked on.

To bring down communication barriers between the different scientific fields and the practitioners, the project strongly relies on low-threshold means of communication. This includes films, podcasts or visualized sociology. This way, a broad target audience of diverse participants will be reached.

For more information, visit the project’s website

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